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Srijit Srinivas Architects is a multiple International Award winning architecture studio based in the city of Trivandrum, in the southern state of Kerala, India. Founded by its namesake, the firm is known for creating luxury buildings with timeless value.

We have won the Jury award at the coveted 40 th World Architecture Community Awards 2022 for the Brick Lattice House. We are also a Jury award winner of the 34 rd World Architecture Community Awards for the Benziger Hospice Home, Trivandrum.

Our portfolio consists of apartments, residential homes, healthcare buildings, commercial buildings, institutional,  convention centres, resorts and so on. Our designs respond to the context, are simple, classy and contemporary for today's lifestyle,  yet having its roots in tropical modernist principles, thus ensuring the comfort of the inmates.

We believe that architecture is designing both the built and unbuilt spaces and that it can be experienced visually and physically as well. 

Our designs are entirely driven by the needs and aspirations of our clients. It is this relentless pursuit of design excellence that gives as that extra edge. There is no typical style that we follow. Simplicity is our design philosophy - a simple and elegant design has a timeless value.

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