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We believe that architecture is designing both the built and unbuilt spaces. Architecture is an art which (is unique in the fact that it) can be experienced and appreciated, not just visually but physically as well. The quality of our surroundings has the potential to inspire us and improve the quality of our lives.

Our portfolio consists of apartments, residential homes, healthcare buildings, commercial buildings, institutional,  convention centres, resorts and so on. Our designs respond to the context, are simple, classy and contemporary for today's lifestyle,  yet having its roots in tropical modernist principles, thus ensuring the comfort of the inmates. 

There is no typical style or pattern that we follow. Our designs are entirely driven by the needs and aspirations of our clients. Before we start on a design, we have detailed discussions with our clients to understand their requirements, preferences, budget & lifestyle. We take utmost care in ensuring that each design caters to the unique requirements of our clients, right down to the finest detail. This ensures that each of our designs has a unique personality and individuality of its own. Eventhough we do not deliberately follow Vaastu principles, in the strict sence, if you closely observe our plans, you will find that they mostly satisfy Vaastu principles since our designs are in sync with nature.


It is this relentless pursuit of design excellence that gives as that extra edge. We believe that spaces and buildings should have a timeless quality and beauty. A building done today should still look fresh and not feel out of place after 50 years. Simplicity is our design philosophy; a simple and elegant design has a timeless value.

Ar. Srijit Srinivas

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